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I would like to plant a second crop of potatoes in July. Could I use potatoes dug from my first crop this year or should I try to find seed potatoes?


You can plant mid-season and late potatoes this month, but there are particular varieties that are best suited to planting at this time. This is one reason not to plant the potatoes you just dug (which are an earlier variety).

Here are links to additional information:

From the University of Illinois Extension.

Growing Potatoes in the Home Garden from UC Santa Cruz.

Steve Solomon's Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades (Sasquatch Books, 2000) says that because of the large number of viruses which can affect potatoes, you should not carry over your seed (replant). It is safest to use certified virus-free planting seed. He says that your crop might be fine the first time you replant your own potatoes, but they will become increasingly susceptible to viruses.

Season Summer
Date 2016-09-02
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