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Keywords: Plant varieties, Fagus

Can you give me a list of purple beech cultivars?


There are several Fagus sylvatica varieties with purple foliage:

'Atropunicea' (copper beech, purple beech) alt. 'Riversii' or 'Purpurea' - 50-60 feet tall, 35-45 feet wide; good in containers
'Dawyck Purple' - columnar to 70 feet tall and 15 feet wide
'Purpurea Pendula' (weeping copper beech) - usu. no more than 10 feet tall and wide; good in containers
'Red Obelisk' - columnar

Source: Western Garden Book, Sunset Publishing Corporation, 7th edition, 2001, p.347.

And from Paghat, the website of a Seattle area gardener:
F.sylvatica 'Black Swan' - swan neck growth habit
F.sylvatica 'Rohani'

Date 2017-05-11
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