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I would like to grow some fruit trees on my property; we have room for maybe 2-3 small trees. Do you have any recommendations for the Seattle area? I'm partial to stone fruits -- although I had heard that apricots (Prunus armeniaca) don't do well in Seattle.


I don't think you need to give up on the idea of apricots, as there are a few varieties that will do well here, such as 'Puget Gold' and 'Harglow.' The book, Fruits & Berries of the Pacific Northwest, by David Flaherty and Sue Elen Harvey, also mentions 'Jannes' and 'Tilton' for Western Washington. The book, Pacific Northwest Guide to Home Gardening, by Ray McNeilan and Micheline Ronningen, lists 'Jannes' and 'Tilton,' as well as 'Moorpack,' 'Perfection,' 'Riland,' and 'Royal.' I would also recommend that you look at the catalogs of several Washington State nurseries that specialize in fruit: Raintree Nursery, Cloud Mountain Farm, and Burnt Ridge Nursery. Since you mentioned small trees, you would probably be looking for dwarf forms, depending on the space you have available. These should also be available from the nurseries listed above.

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Date 2016-09-22
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