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Keywords: Plant sales, Garden tours

PAL Question:

How can I find out about local plant sales and garden tours?


This page on the Miller Library's website provides information about plant sales and garden tours.

Season All Season
Date 2017-02-16
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Keywords: University of Washington, Flowering cherries, Flowering trees, Prunus, Garden tours

PAL Question:

I would like to know when most of the beautiful flowering trees will be in bloom on the University of Washington campus this spring? I would like to bring a tour group to see them.


There is actually a "Tree Tour" of the University of Washington campus, called the C. Frank Brockman Memorial Campus Tree Tour, but it does not focus on flowering trees. I would recommend that you bring the group when the Yoshino cherry trees (Prunus x yedoensis) in the Quad are in bloom later this month (mid- to late-March). The Quad is also near the Grieg Garden, by Thompson Hall, which is an attractive spot.

Here is an excerpt from an article from the UW Alumni magazine about that garden:
"The Grieg Garden is the reverse of what folksinger Joni Mitchell once sang about they 'unpaved' a parking lot and put up Paradise. Until the renovation of the HUB [Husky Union Building] Yard in 1990, the space south of Thompson Hall was for cars. Today it is for people (and squirrels). One of the UW's newest beauty spots, the Grieg Garden is a cozy clearing surrounded by trees and flowering shrubs. Located on the north side of the HUB Yard, it is best in the spring, when rhododendrons and azaleas frame the space in drifts of lavender, crimson, magenta and pink."
-Tom Griffin

Season Spring
Date 2017-01-06
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Keywords: Garden tours

Garden Tool: Become a garden voyeur this season by participating in one of the many organized private garden tours.
The Garden Conservancy is a national organization dedicated to preserving America's most significant private gardens. Each year hundreds of private gardens hold Open Days to raise money to support Garden Conservancy's work of preserving private gardens for future generations to enjoy. The current year's Open Days Directory is for sale in winter and is useful for planning garden touring trips across the country. Available online at www.gardenconservancy.org/ or call (845) 265 2029. Washington had nearly 40 private gardens open in 2004. There is a nominal admission charge to visit each garden.

Local communities also organize charitable garden tours which usually feature 5 to 10 private gardens within driving distance. Some tours also include speakers or music. The Elisabeth C. Miller Library compiles a list of regional tours.

Season: Summer
Date: 2007-04-03
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Keywords: Garden tours

Garden Tool: Plan your next garden vacation now. Here are a few resources that will help you plan a vacation devoted to visiting beautiful gardens.

  • Gardens of British Columbia an Altitude SuperGuide by Pat Kramer - Thinking fondly of Canada these days? Go visit British Columbia where they take gardening quite seriously. This book lists details of public gardens with maps and articles on garden history.
  • www.ngs.org.uk - The British National Garden Scheme will assist garden tourists find both public gardens and gardens open by appointment only.
  • www.botanique.com/tourmast.html - Botanique.com lists gardens across the United States and Canada organized by state.
  • www.gardenvisit.com - Slightly confusing, but this site is full of garden touring links and information for the US, Britain, and many other countries like South Africa and Thailand.
  • www.ahs.org/events/travel_study.htm - Travel first class with serious plant lovers with the American Horticultural Society's travel-study program.
  • www.pacifichorticulture.org - West coast garden magazine Pacific Horticulture also offers first class tours.

Season: All Season
Date: 2007-04-03
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