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Keywords: Hedera hibernica, Hedera helix, Invasive plants--Control, Noxious weeds--Washington

I am trying to write a letter about English ivy in order to get it removed from a public library. Is it a noxious weed?


Washington State and King County noxious weed information is updated annually. Currently, three cultivars of Hedera helix and one cultivar of Hedera hibernica are Class C Noxious Weeds in the State of Washington.

Here is the link to descriptions of these four types of English ivy.

Class C Noxious Weeds are weeds that are already widespread; removal is NOT required by law. However, individual counties can adopt removal programs as they see fit. Here is the complete list of Class C noxious weeds in Washington. Here is the page specifically about ivy.

King County also has more information on a website about noxious weeds.

King County does not require control or eradication of any of the four English ivy cultivars. Although control is strongly recommended, it is not required.

Date 2018-06-14
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