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Keywords: Zamia, Poisonous plants, House plants, Cycads

I am interested in finding out if someone there can tell me the proper culture for Zamia furfuracea. I just acquired one that had been potted up as a bonsai and put on sale at a local grocery store. I think they may not have known or cared what it was. This is a plant I grew outdoors when I lived in California. I'm wondering what to do with it in Vancouver, WA. The options are greenhouse, patio pot, indoors, outdoors.


I found general cultural information from Florida State University Cooperative Extension. This is a zone 9b-11 plant, and your area is probably about zone 8, so I think you would want to grow this with some protection.

University of British Columbia Botanical Garden's discussion forum describes this as an indoor plant. This article in the journal of University of Arizona Cooperative Extension is about a similar plant, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, often confused with Zamia furfuracea.

Richard Langer's book, Grow It Indoors (Stackpole Books, 1995) says to grow this "handy table-sized cycad" in temperate partial sun with humusy soil that is kept constantly moist.

Another thing to keep in mind if you are growing this plant around pets or small children is its toxicity. The ASPCA lists this plant as toxic. Dr. Nelson's Veterinary Blog has an article entitled "Sago palms are poisonous to animals."

Date 2017-07-18
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