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Keywords: Prunus persica, Fertilizers

We have a white peach tree that was just OK this year. I am wondering what I can do to get the most out of it next year - what is the best fertilizer for peaches?


According to Sunset's Western Garden Book of Edibles (2010), peach trees may be fertilized with a 10-10-10 complete fertilizer (the numbers correspond to N-P-K, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) at bud break in late March. "Give young trees 1/2 pound per year of age and give mature trees up to 5 pounds (for full-size, full-grown trees). Spread fertilizer evenly over the entire root zone."

Washington State University Extension has general information on fertilizing for home orchardists. Here is a relevant excerpt:

"Nitrogen is not needed in most of western Washington since we have such high levels of organic matter in our soil, and it is continually released during the summers. Nitrogen controls growth. With excess we get rank growth. Fruit maturity is delayed; and storage life of apples and pears is reduced. Peaches need more nitrogen so applications may be necessary."

Date 2018-06-14
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