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Garden Tip

Keywords: Garden structures and building materials, Stone in landscape gardening, Landscape design

Winter is a good time to plan a new patio or fix that drainage problem. You can find an excellent guide to materials, techniques and more from pavingexpert.com. Although this is a British site, with British measurements, the principles still apply. Use the site map to navigate through this exhaustive, informative website.

Date: 2007-04-09
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Garden Tip

Keywords: Foliage plants, Landscape design

New gardeners often focus on flowers and color in their first design effort, only to feel less than satisfied with the floral results. Experts advise us to think about plant form and leaf texture for a design that works no matter what the season. Two books demystify the "designing with foliage" concept:

Dramatic Effect with Architectural Plants by Noel Kingsbury (Overlook Press, $35.00)
The occasional black-and white-photos reinforce the lesson that architectural plants look good without distracting color. Kingsbury explains how shapes are used in the garden and how this design concept works for all garden styles from the Japanese look to Southwest themes. The last section of the book is a mini encyclopedia detailing all the suggested plants.

Foliage: Dramatic and Subtle Leaves for the Garden by David Joyce (Trafalgar Square, $35.00)
Joyce goes farther with classifying types of foliage shapes with poetic descriptions like, 'Needles and Threads' and 'Eggs and Spoons'. A concise list of trees, shrubs, perennials and edibles is provided for each foliage shape. The color photos show off the plants in isolation so readers can focus on the shape and texture.

Date: 2007-04-03
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Garden Tip

Keywords: Landscape design

Graph paper and colored pencils are still the best tools for do-it-yourself garden design. While good software is available to help you draw professional looking plans, expect to pay at least $200.00 to $600.00. You may decide that the money is better spent paying someone to install the new patio. These books will help translate ideas into coherent designs on paper:

Gemma Nesbitt wrote Garden Graphics: How to Plan and Map Your Garden (Capability's Books, $25.00) for gardeners who want a simple garden plan with meaningful graphics, instead of the abstract circles usually found in landscape designs. The bulk of the book has graphics representing common trees, shrubs and perennials, as well as paving, fencing and furniture.

For help with abstract circles for the professional look, Landscape Graphics by Grant Reid (Watson-Guptill Publications, $24.95) is the appropriate book.

A Handbook for Garden Designers by Rosemary Alexander (Ward Lock, Ltd. $29.95) is aimed at the beginning professional designer, but is very accessible to amateur gardeners who want to learn the design process and produce professional-looking plans. Topics include taking a site survey and inventory, developing a design and how to draw elevations.

Date: 2007-04-03
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Garden Tip

Keywords: Garden design, Landscape design

Wondering what plants will thrive in your challenging garden situation? What Plant Where by Roy Lancaster (New York: DK publishing. 1997) will help by showing you color photos and descriptions of plants organized by chapters on soil and light needs; by design features like winter interest and the color of the leaves; and by special features like fragrance and bird attracting.

Date: 2007-07-12
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