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Keywords: Rhododendrons--Varieties, Winter garden plants

Aside from 'Christmas Cheer,' are there types of Rhododendrons that have winter flowers and flourish here? I am imagining planting a couple in an island beneath some hybrid elm trees, so they would be in part shade. I have plenty of irrigation, and there is a slight slope to the location.


Another variety which is early to bloom is 'Nobleanum.' American Rhododendron Society's blog has a post by a Pacific Northwest author who lists several others:

  • 'Bo Peep'
  • 'Seta'
  • 'Snow Lady'
  • 'Cilpinense'
  • R. mucronulatum 'Cornell Pink'
  • R. dauricum
  • R. moupinense
  • R. strigillosum

One can also search the American Rhododendron Society site for varieties of Rhododendron which meet various criteria, including bloom time.

Meerkerk Gardens on Whidbey Island lists rhododendrons by month of bloom.

The Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden might be another good resource. They mention that they have just a few species which flower early.

Date 2016-09-02
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