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Wishlists & Gift Policy

Recommend a Book

Please recommend a new book (or DVD or Periodical) by sending a message to hortlib@uw.edu. Please give us the title, author, publication date and why you think we should buy the book.

The Elisabeth C. Miller Library gratefully accepts donations of books, journals, and contributions to the library book fund.  Much of the Library's collection has been built from contributions.

For those wishing to have a book purchased as a gift or memorial please take a look at our wishlists below.

Contributions are accepted according to the following guidelines:

  1. We do not accept donations in March and April as we prepare for and clean up after our annual book sale.
  2. Donated material must be in good condition. We will come to your vehicle and inspect the donation. Any books that show signs of water damage, mildew, and mold will be refused. Mold presents risks to human health and to the library collection.
  3. We can only accept books and journals which are within our subject scope of gardens and gardening, horticulture, botany, urban agriculture and forestry, and closely related subjects.
  4. If you have a large quantity of books and/or journals to donate, please contact us first, by phone or e-mail: (206)543-0415 or hortlib@uw.edu
  5. All gift materials become the property of the Miller Library upon receipt. Each gift will be handled responsibly and evaluated for addition to our holdings by our highly trained staff.
  6. Books that are not needed are typically sold in a used book sale with the proceeds going to the benefit of the library. We regret that we are unable to return gifts that are not added to our holdings.
  7. Each gift is acknowledged with a letter with receipt date and a brief description of the gift. A listing of the books will be provided if requested, however librarians are not able to appraise gifts or set a value for tax purposes.

All gift books will be processed with a bookplate, if desired.  Please let the librarian know your preference as to the wording of the bookplate when making your gift (given in your name, or given by you in memory of a loved one).

THANK YOU for your gift to the library!

Checks are also gratefully accepted.  They can be made out to UW – MILLER LIBRARY FUND.  Please mail to Elisabeth C. Miller Library, UW Box 354115, Seattle, WA 98195.

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