Assistive Technologies Based on Laser Scanning to the Eye

1) An interactive virtual retinal display combines a laser-scanned display with high-accuracy head or object tracking using scanned infrared light, see Chinthammit, W., Seibel, E.J., Furness, T.A. (2002) Unique shared-aperture display with head or target tracking. IEEE Virtual Reality VR2002 (winning one of the best paper awards for the conference), 247-254.

2) A wearable low vision aid using a fiber scanning display with machine vision hazard detection system, see Bryant, R.C., Seibel, E.J., Lee, C.M., Schroder, K.E. (2004) Low-cost wearable low vision aid using a handmade retinal light scanning microdisplay, Journal of the SID (Society for Information Display), 12(4), 397-404. See press releases by the UW and NSF on May 27, 2004.