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HPRC and Evaluation

Outcomes and Impact

Our mission statement and logic model emphasize the importance of translating research into practice and having an effect well beyond conducting and publishing research studies. We focus on outcomes in two areas: dissemination of evidence-based interventions and policy and systems change.

The two areas are often interrelated. For example, much of our policy and systems change work focuses on standard setting, regulatory changes, and funding that will promote the implementation of evidence-based programs developed by HPRC.

Dissemination of Evidence-Based Interventions

We have created and tested three major evidence-based programs and are now working to disseminate them more broadly: EnhanceFitness (EF), an older adult exercise program, PEARLS (Program to Encourage Active and Rewarding Lives for Seniors) a depression management intervention; and Workplace Solutions, a package of evidence-based worksite health promotion programs disseminated in partnership with the American Cancer Society.

  • Enhance Fitness: 492 sites in 30 states; 12,097 participants as of December, 2010 (dissemination efforts began in 1997)
  • PEARLS: 28 sites in 10 states; 1,000 participants as of December, 2010 (dissemination efforts began in 2004)

Public Policy and Systems Change

We work to promote public policy changes in a number of areas, including:

  • Standard setting: Identifying interventions that are evidence-based in order to increase the likelihood of securing funding and organizational support for them
  • Legislation: Providing education and support regarding legislation related to health promotion
  • Regulation: Influencing regulatory actions of governmental agencies that fund and administer health promotion programs
  • Funding: Identifying sustainable funding sources for dissemination of evidence-based health promotion programs
  • Policy implementation: Shaping efforts related to implementation of laws and regulations

In addition to public policy, we work to change organizational policies related to health promotion. We also do systems change work through dissemination of evidence-based interventions, such as Workplace Solutions and PEARLS.

HPRC Lead Evaluator
Peggy Hannon, PhD
206-616-7859, peggyh@uw.edu

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