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HPRC's 25th Anniversary, 1986-2011

HPRC turned 25 in September 2011!

HPRC was first funded in 1986 by the CDC Prevention Research Centers program, which also celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

From its beginning HPRC has been committed to collaboration with community partners and to working to improve the health of diverse communities most at risk for chronic health conditions.

In its 25 years, HPRC has received more than 60 grants, and its investigators have published more than 470 papers on research conducted through HPRC.

Most notable of all, thanks to our collaboration with our community partners, HPRC's core research has been translated into three key programs – EnhanceFitness, PEARLS, and American Cancer Society Workplace Solutions – which are being implemented around the country.

25th Anniversary Celebration

We celebrated our anniversary with a breakfast event on Sept. 16, 2011. The high energy in the room was a testimony to HPRC's successful quarter of a century of bringing together academic and community partners to promote healthy aging.

The 100 guests – HPRC researchers, colleagues, and former directors – heard keynote speaker Maxine Hayes, Washington State Health Officer; Howard Frumkin, Dean of the UW School of Public Health; and Larry Kessler, Chair of the UW Department of Health Services.

The Senior Sliders dance troupe provided entertainment, raising everyone's energy level with their line dancing.

We also previewed HPRC's brand new video. This seven-minute overview of HPRC and its programs was developed in collaboration with our colleagues at the International Drop-in Center, in Southeast Seattle.

See some photos of the event.

HPRC's historical timeline (pdf)

Dissemination research at HPRC (pdf)

Information about HPRC's key focus areas