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UW Health Promotion Research Center Recognized for Its Community Partnerships, April 2011

Working closely with community partners in university research is a core value of the University of Washington Health Promotion Research Center (HPRC). In April 2011, HPRC received national recognition for that commitment.

HPRC was one of 11 Prevention Research Centers to receive the Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) Best Practice Awards. The award recognized the centers and their community partners for the use of CBPR principles and practices in their research projects.

The award was presented by the National Community Committee. The Committee is composed of representatives from Prevention Research Centers' community committees across the country.

Elements of community-based participatory research considered in selecting PCRs for the award include formally involving community partners in research project design, budgeting, and evaluation, and in governance and evaluation of the partnership. Also considered in the selection process were the inclusion of community members as co-authors in policy position papers, peer-reviewed journal articles, and presentations.

Two of HPRC's nationally distributed programs are the physical activity program EnhanceFitness and the depression management program PEARLS. In addition to being developed and tested in partnership with HPRS's community partners, both programs are now disseminated in partnership with local community organizations.

HPRC has been funded by the Prevention Research Centers program at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for 25 years. It is one of 37 PRCs across the nation. HPRC is housed in the Department of Health Services in the UW School of Public Health. Its network of cross-disciplinary investigators focuses on developing and disseminating evidence-based healthy aging programs in the areas of physical activity, cancer prevention, fall prevention, depression management, and workplace health promotion.

For more information about HPRC and its research, see depts.washington.edu/hprc.