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EPC Clearinghouse Receives Award for Excellence in Publication, June 2011

The Environmental and Policy Change (EPC) Clearinghouse received an Award for Excellence in Publication from APEX Awards, June 2011. Out of 3,300 entries, 957 were given Awards for Excellence. Visit the EPC Clearinghouse.

The EPC Clearinghouse is a searchable, annotated database of more than 130 online resources for Healthy Aging, Healthy Communities, Built Environment, and Mobility. It includes tools, best practices, case studies, and strategies to support local efforts in environmental and policy change for healthy aging.

The Clearinghouse was developed by the CDC-Healthy Aging Research Network (HAN) and funded by the CDC Healthy Aging Program, the CDC Healthy Communities Program, and the University of Washington Health Promotion Research Center (HPRC).

Involved in this effort was Basia Belza (PI, UW School of Nursing), Becky Hunter (co-PI, University of North Carolina), the UW School of Nursing Technology Innovations in Education and Research (TIER), HPRC staff, members of the Resource Guidance Group, and CDC HAN members.