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Fall Prevention

HPRC Fall Prevention Partners

HPRC investigators partner with organizations such as older adult-serving social service providers, health care organizations, emergency responders, and local and state government agencies to increase dissemination of evidence-based fall prevention services to older adults in Washington State.

Group Health Research Institute (GHRI). HPRC investigators collaborate on research with GHRI to determine the direct medical costs of injurious falls and to identify risk factors for injurious falls that can be derived from administrative health plan data.

Healthy Aging Partnership (HAP). HAP is a coalition of King County community-based senior-serving organizations. HPRC participates in coalition efforts to increase awareness among aging services providers of the importance of fall prevention and the essential role that these community agencies play in connecting older adults to evidence-based fall prevention services.

Public Health - Seattle & King County Emergency Medical Services (EMS). HPRC investigators are working with Public Health - Seattle & King County Emergency Medical Services to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of using at-scene emergency medical technicians to link adults who have fallen with a fall risk assessment program in their community.

Washington State Department of Health (DOH). HPRC investigators worked collaboratively with DOH to prepare manuscripts reporting survey data collected by DOH on older adults' knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors regarding falls and fall prevention, an area in which little research has been done in the U.S.

Washington State Senior Falls Prevention Coalition. HPRC investigators participate in the coalition, which works to reduce falls among seniors in Washington State through professional development, public education, advocacy, networking, resource development, and referral.

Selected Fall Prevention Activities

Falls prevention qualitative study. HPRC investigators conducted audience research with older adults who did and did not enroll in fall prevention programs to understand motivators and barriers to participation in fall prevention programs.

Fall prevention video. HPRC's associate director, Dr. Elizabeth Phelan, is featured in a brief educational video, The Good News About Fall Prevention, produced in 2008 by nursing students at Seattle Pacific University, with the UW's support. The video has been referenced by the National Council on Aging, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the media, including the New York Times.


Our Vision...

Preventive services for falls are readily available and coordinated across the community and health care settings that serve older adults.

HPRC Fall Prevention information sheet

Selected presentations on fall prevention

Fall Prevention Investigators

Hendrika Meischke, PhD, MPH
Elizabeth A. Phelan, MD, MS

Selected Resources

Washington State Injury and Violence Prevention Guide: Falls

CDC National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.

National Council on Aging, Center for Healthy Aging.

Harborview Fall Prevention Clinic.

Public Health - Seattle & King County “One Step Ahead” Fall Prevention Program.