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Multimedia Presentations

HPRC's 25th Anniversary Video

This seven-minute overview of HPRC and its programs was developed in collaboration with our colleagues at the International Drop-in Center, in Southeast Seattle.

EnhanceFitness video from Hallmark Movie Channel's WTS Baby Boomers show. 2010.

CDC's EnhanceFitness and Arthritis video. 2011.

Prevention Research Centers Program Overview Video. 2011.

Healthy Worksite Initiative Learning Session 4 - Workplace Health Promotion [video]. Harris JR. Washington Wellness. 2009.

The Good News about Fall Prevention [video]. Phelan E, Seattle Pacific University School of Nursing. 2008.

Physical Activity for a Lifetime of Success (PALS) [video]. 2008.

Employer-based Health Promotion Programs: What Works and Why [video]. Harris JR. Puget Sound Occupational and Environmental Medicine Grand Rounds; Seattle, WA. 2008.

Beyond Workplace Health Promotion Programs: Improving Health via a Comprehensive Approach (Distinguished Faculty Lecture) [podcast]. Harris JR. UW School of Public Health and Community Medicine. Seattle. 2007.

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