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ASIL Treaties Page The American Society of International Law

Treaties and International Agreements; a GSSI Research Guide, The Library, UC Berkeley

United Nations Treaty Collection (available through subscription)

Specialized, Selected

Avalon Project at the Yale Law School, Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy

Comparison of the Inter-American Treaties 1947-1999, Inter-American System of Legal Information, Organization of American States

E-LAW, Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide

Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators (ENTRI)

Human Rights Treaties and Other Instruments Human Rights Library, University of Minnesota

International Boundaries Database International Boundaries Research Unit, University of Durham

International Labour Organization

International Nuclear Legal Framework

Multilaterals Project, Fletcher School of Law and Diplmacy, Tufts University

Organization of American States , Look for treaties under the Documents tab.

Texts of Treaties Administered by WIPO, World Intellectual Property Organization

Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database, Department of Geosciences, Oregon State University

Treaty on European Union

Helpful Sites and Tools

Foreign and International Legal Indexing Sites, Gallagher Law Library, University of Washington School of Law

International Inter-Governmental & Non-Governmental Organizations, Government Publications, University of Washington Libraries

National Geographic Nations Index

Union of International Associations

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