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Upcoming events, announcements, news and interesting discussions concerning human rights can be accessed through HRERN's electronic discussion group Human Rights Network News. This discussion group is for students, faculty and the community at large who are interested in human rights education and research.

To subscribe to hrnetnews visit the hrnetnews information webpage

The unofficial mailing list for Amnesty International members all over the world, AIMEMBERS-L invites all AI members and others to join. To subscribe to the list, send a message to saying subsingle to receive individual messages or subscribe to receive the digest. The address for sending email to the list is

*Contact Center Network
Here is a web site directory of over 8,000 nonprofit organizations. Arranged by topic and geographic location, the directory can be searched by keyword.

Newslink is one of several directories to newspapers on the web. It provides a constantly updated list of newspaper homepage links, searchable by geographic location, title, etc. News coverage of specific human rights issues currently appearing in the papers of the country involved may be accessible here.

*Surf for Human Rights
Provides you with the opportunity to surf the web and help in the struggle for human rights at the same time. If you sign up to become a human rights surfer, you will help human rights organizations obtain information and materials by locating the information on the Internet. Surfers will be subscribed to the Human Rights Surfers Mailing List, where you will get announcements about the program and share surfing information and tips with others. Consult this WWW page for more information, then VOLUNTEER!


Derechos Human Rights and Equipo Nizkor invite you to join a new information/discussion list on the criminal procedures against Pinochet and other Chilean, Argentine and Uruguayan repressors in Spain, England and other European countries.

Information sent to the list will include press releases from human rights organizations and other groups working against impunity, news stories and articles, announcements of relevant activities, urgent actions and other pertinent material. The list can be also be used to coordiante actions, ask questions, and things of the sort.

The focus of this list will be the criminal procedures against Pinochet, so the news material which is currently sent to the mailing list (and includes news on the trial in Spain from the major Argentine newspapers) will not be /systematically/ sent to this list. If you want to receive that material, subscribe to the argentine list (by sending a message to Bear in mind that that mailing list is in Spanish only. This forum is exclusively for people who support the struggle against impunity by human rights violators. This is not a place where to engage in apologia of human rights violations, argue about politics or make personal attacks. Those who don't respect the rules of the list will be unsubscribed.

This is a bilingual (Spanish/English) list and thus material in either (or both) languages will be accepted. If this proves unworkable, we may divide the list in two in the future.

The list is moderated, and the current list moderator and administrator is Margarita Lacabe ( Please write to her with questions or comments.

OR, if you rather get the digest (a message which incorporates all the messages sent to the list in a 48-hours period), send a message to:

If you have any questions, write to

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