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Human Rights Research Tools

  • Human Rights: A Web Site Bibliography for Researchers

  • Human Rights: Electronic Journal Links

  • Human Rights: A Bibliography of Printed Resources
    An extensive bibliography of print holdings in the University of Washington Libraries.

    Legal Research

  • Reference & Legal Research - Human Rights
    An extensive bibliography of print and electronic resources developed for the University of Washington Law School course seminar, International Protection of Human Rights, B596.

  • International Law Resources
    A list of various Web Based INT-LAW Links and Resources.

  • INT-LAW EU/US reports on Human Rights/Genocide/Torture/Kosovo
    A list of various Web Based Human Rights articles including recent reports by governmental and non-government bodies.

    Human Rights in Literature and Film

  • Chilean Writers in Exile
    This bibliography presents selected prose works by Chilean writers living in exile following the 1973 establishment of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

  • Guatemala: the War in Film and Literature
    This bibliography includes films, novels and testimonios which examine aspects of the long Guatemalan civil war. Also included are selected websites related to Guatemala.

  • Library Resources on Human Rights: Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Human Rights Film Database

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