Building Access - Doors


CAAMS (Campus Automated Access Management System) is a computer controlled system used throughout the University campus that locks and unlocks doors. Building Management has control of CAAMS exterior building, loading dock, and hallway security doors for Health Sciences / Foege.

Perimeter Doors

Building Management has control of exterior doors for Health Sciences / Foege, hallway security doors, and other selected interior doors. These doors are usually open during the normal work week. Access cards are programmed to allow access through these doors after hours, weekends, and holidays.

Hallway Security Doors

Security doors in hallways that require an access card are considered perimeter doors to the Health Sciences. The HS exterior door category on the access card includes these security doors. These doors are located in the hallways between HS and UWMC, near the Health Sciences Library, and off of the I Rotunda.

Internal Departmental Doors

Several departments within Health Sciences / Foege use access cards to control entry into sensitive areas. Personnel needing access to these areas should contact their own departmental Building Access Coordinator (BAC), who can request the category be added to the access card.

Loading Dock Doors

Although loading dock doors are exterior doors, they have their own access card categories. These doors are used mostly by University services, construction personnel, and vendors.


CAAMS doors should not be opened with a key. They are alarmed, and the UW Police Department is alerted.

Please contact Building Management at 685-0143 or if you have any questions.

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