Access Cards

Access Card Problems

Lost Cards

If a card is lost, please notify your department or Building Management ( as soon as possible so that the card can be deactivated. Please do so even if there is a chance the card will be found. It is easy to reactivate a card that is found later.

Damaged Cards

If a cardholder turns in a card that has stopped working as a result of obvious physical damage, please report it to

Cards can be damaged by:

Non-Functional Cards (Without Obvious Damage)

Before reporting a non-functional card to Building Management, please review use instructions and access level. Most cards that are reported as "not working" are a result of operator error or lack of proper access privileges (i.e., cardholder tried to enter at 2:00 am, but only has access until 12:00 midnight). In addition, loading dock doors are not normal building entrances. A special access category is required for dock entry. If this review does not resolve the problem, please bring the card to Building Management for testing.

Replacement of Cards

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