Building Access Coordinator (BAC)

A Building Access Coordinator (BAC) is someone within a department or organizational unit who has been authorized to request Health Sciences (HS) photo ID badges, access cards, and keys. These BACs are registered with the HS Building Management Office (BMO). A registered BAC does not have to be located in the Health Sciences Building, as there are a few in the Foege Building, CHDD, UW Medicine at South Lake Union, and University of Washington Medical Center.

To register as a Health Sciences or WH Foege Building Access Coordinator:

  1. Fill out Form 21 [PDF*]
  2. Mail or fax to Health Sciences Building Management, Box 357175 Fax: 616-3116


Tracking Keys

Ordering Keys

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Access Cards


Please contact Building Management at 685-0143 or if you have any questions.

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