Loading Docks

Loading docks are used by vendors, UW services, and construction personnel. Faculty, staff, and students are discouraged from being in these areas, unless they have specific business on the docks.


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There are 5 docks, accessible from Columbia Road:



There are a variety of recycling stations on the loading docks, but not all docks have the same recycling centers.

Recycle these: Foege J/K G D AA
Cans/bottles x x x x x
Compost x   x x x
Corrugated cardboard x x x x x
Hardback books         x
Metal       x  
Mixed paper x x x x x
Pallets/unfinished wood x x x x x
Plastic film x x x x x
Styrofoam peanuts x x x x x
Toner cartridges   x     x

Special Deliveries

Delivery of unusual items, such as very heavy equipment, should be communicated to Building Management.


Contact Building Management if you are planning to move furniture in or out of the building. You can receive help and information on the following:

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