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Burke-Gilman Improvement ProjectBurke Gilman Trail detour signs

More information about the project:

The Burke-Gilman project in conjunction with the Triangle/Rainier Vista project will effectively close the Burke-Gillman trail from 15th AVE NE to the Snohomish Overpass (Hec Ed pavilion) limiting access to the HSB and UWMC. The Hitchcock and T- Wing 4th floor overpasses will be closed during specific date ranges and times (there will be access via one of these overpasses for the majority of the project), these specifics are unknown at this time. This is part of the campus trail project and light-rail system improvements.

Starting 4/23:

Beginning Wednesday, April 23, the University of Washington will change the detour already in place for the Montlake Triangle project to accommodate construction projects by Seattle City Light (to better connect the university to its power grid) and the University of Washington (to improve connections at the Rainier Vista and Montlake Triangle.) This detour will close portions of the Burke-Gilman Trail at the Rainier Vista, and from 15th Avenue Northeast to Brooklyn Avenue Northeast. A stretch in-between these two projects will have local access only until construction begins there in June, when the university closes this longer stretch in order to make significant improvements to the trail. We anticipate that this detour will remain in place through the fall and likely into the winter months. As construction moves forward, we’ll keep you updated on project progress and timeline.

We want to help you get around safely and quickly during this detour. Click the map for more details.

Burke Gilman Train detour

Elisabeth S. McLaughlin
206 616-6682
Box 355360
Transportation Improvements Analyst, Transportation Services
3745 15th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98195

C Court crane & Roofing Project

Summer 2014 roofing project, for wings AA, B, C, parts of D, and E will last from 6/15/14 to 11/22/14.

Starting 6/15:

The contractor will be erecting a tower crane in the C-Wing court yard on Sunday 6/15 and Saturday 6/21. On these dates, the D-Wing loading dock will be inaccessible to Facilities Services or other deliveries during this work. Please use the G dock if necessary. One west bound lane of Columbia Way will be used to stage trucks; there will be signage and flaggers to monitor traffic and pedestrians.

The tower crane will be erected in the C wing courtyard for the duration of the project (6/15/14-11/22/14) to transport material on and off the roof, crane use will happen in the early morning hours and alternate pedestrian access routes will be clearly marked.

While the crane is being erected no foot traffic will be allowed through the C-wing courtyard or the top level of the “bridge” between C-wing and D-wing during these operations. The 1st floor of B-wing will also need to be vacant. Once the crane is ready for use, signage will be posted in the C-court and on floors impacted by crane picks. The crane will only be in use during the early morning. A notice with a detailed schedule and impacts will follow.

For further information or clarification please contact:

Sandy McCrae
Steve Babinec
206-543-4962 direct | 206-484-9753 cell
Health Sciences Building Management
206- 685-0143

Montlake Triangle Project (MTP)

The MTP is a multi-agency effort consisting of three subprojects centered around the intersection of Pacific Street and Montlake Boulevard. The project scope includes lowering NE Pacific Place and constructing a land bridge connecting the Montlake Triangle and the lower Rainier Vista. The bridge will create a seamless experience for all non-motorized modes. People traveling from the north and south can access the Triangle via a combination of existing crosswalks and a new bridge being constructed by Sound Transit. The bridge will span across Montlake Boulevard between the University Link Light Rail station and Rainier Vista.

In order to accomplish the next phase of work, the Burke-Gilman Trail will need to be rerouted via a detour. The MTP detour will take users around the lower Rainier Vista using the existing trail, which will be enhanced with a new paved surface to accommodate all modes and user capacity. The Burke-Gilman Trail is expected to be closed and the MTP detour opened the first week of February 2014. Construction is scheduled to be complete by August 2015 and the Burke-Gilman Trail reopened to users.

Once the Burke-Gilman Trail is detoured, eastbound vehicle traffic on NE Pacific Place will be rerouted to the existing bridge currently used by the Trail. Southbound Montlake vehicle traffic going west will continue past the southern tip of the Triangle and turn right onto NE Pacific Street.

The MTP is part of the overall Campus Master Plan to transform and activate the Rainier Vista and Montlake Triangle area as a more vibrant public space and connect people to transportation options. Project funding agencies include the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), Sound Transit and the University of Washington. The City of Seattle is also providing project support services and pedestrian improvements along Pacific Street.

See Maps:

The 3 subprojects are:

For questions or comments please send them to Andy Casillas,

UW Capital Project Manager: Bob Dillon, 685-6745,


UW Sound Transit Station

Construction at the University of Washington light rail station next to Husky Stadium is underway.

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