Poster/Flyer Display Policies

There is a strict no taping or tacking policy for the posting of the following items In the Health Sciences Center. These items are restricted to display on sign standards, easels or designated bulletin boards.

UW Outdoor Display Policy

Requesting Permits for outdoor

Bulletin Boards

Health Sciences Academic Services & Facilities bulletin boards are located:

Bulletin boards in other locations are not public. Posting in these areas requires local departmental approval.

Approved Posters/Flyers

Non-Approved Posters/Flyers

Approval Time

Posting in Health Sciences Center elevators is limited to:

Where to Have Posters/Flyers Approved

Posters and flyers need to be stamped and approved by Building Management before being posted on HSAS&F bulletin boards. Go to T283 for this service.

Recycling Materials

See loading docks for detailed information about recycling containers.

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