The Health Sciences K Wing has showers that can be used by faculty, staff, and students.

Men's Showers Women's Showers

Showers and services, which include towels and lockers, are also available at the IMA .

K Wing Locker Use Policy

Locker Clean-Out Policy

  1. Once a year lockers will be cleaned out.
    1. At the beginning of May, a reminder notice regarding locker clean-out will be posted in each K Wing locker room, floors -1 thru 5.
    2. This notice will be the only clean-out announcement. Locker users will not be directly contacted.
    3. On the last working day of May, all padlocks will be cut off and items within the lockers removed.
    4. Items will be stored for 3 months before disposal. To reclaim items, contact the BMO at 685-0143.
      • In the event someone is away from the University for a period of time, he/she may contact BMO to have their items saved. Their lock will be broken, unless the locker combination is provided. Email
  2. Interim locker clean-outs: 
    1. This can happen if complaints are made regarding the unavailability of locker space.
    2. Interim clean-outs may be site specific.
    3. Clean-out procedures in Part A will be followed for interim clean-outs.

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