Other UW Services

Facilities Services

You can use UW Facilities Services to find out the functions, divisions, and responsibilities they provide. The website provides information on everything from water conservation to requests for custodial services to vehicle maintenance.

Alterations to Campus Buildings and Grounds

The UW Administrative Policy Statement on Alterations includes information on how to initiate modifications to your office or lab. It also explains why your skills as a home painter are NOT allowed in University Facilities.

Building Maintenance

All building occupants are encouraged to report maintenance problems. Contact Facilities Services online at FS Works or call 543-3010. Describe the problem and where it is located. Building maintenance includes burned out bulbs, leaks/floods, damaged walls, broken doors, cracked windows, elevator problems, etc.

It is not necessary to include a budget number when you are reporting a general building maintenance problem. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)

Environmental Health & Safety is the liaison between the city, state, and federal regulators and the university community. They have information on waste and recycling, training, research planning, accident reports (OARS), MyChem, regulations and policies, clean-up procedures, and more!


UW Property and Transport Services can be hired to mall all types of items.


Parking information includes fees and procedures, carpools, alternative transportation, maps and direction, visitors and vendors, enforcement, and game day and special events.

Restroom Supplies

If you have visited a restroom and it is out of supplies, call Custodial Services at 685-1500.


Unwanted furniture, equipment, office supplies, shelving, etc. must be disposed of by the owner/department. Contact Surplus, with Property and Transport Services. Do not leave these items abandoned in the halls or on the loading docks.

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