CPR for Healthcare Providers

Online American Heart Association CPR Renewal

Clinical Skills and Assessment offers testing for the American Heart Association online Health Care Provider CPR renewal at a convenient site within the Health Sciences Building.Most testing takes less than 30 minutes, and can be scheduled to fit your availability.

The online option is available for those health care providers who have had a CPR class at least once before and are now renewing their CPR card. The online renewal option has two parts:First, a theory-based online course, and second, an onsite skills test with an American Heart Association CPR instructor.


You will need to purchase access to the American Heart Association E-Learning site for $17.50 (cost as of 06/09) and complete a cognitive program online. This course is self-paced and may be completed on your own schedule: http://www.onlineaha.org/

When you have successfully completed this portion you will receive a completion certificate.Print out this certificate, and take it to a certified AHA instructor to do a skills test you will demonstrate CPR and will receive your card at that time.

You may test out with any AHA instructor, including Jennie Struijk, Clinical Skills and Assessment, Health Sciences Academic Services and Facilities.

To arrange a testing time with CSA, please call 206-685-4007 or email Jennie Struijk. The cost for the testing out with CSA is $25.00 UW budget name/number/mailstop or check made out to: University of Washington.