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RoomQ Guidelines & Procedures


What is roomQ?

RoomQ is the online room request system used by Health Sciences Classroom Services. This system helps to streamline the current process of requesting rooms for all non-course events and course breakouts. Requests are submitted using the online form, which can be accessed by clicking on roomQ or on the menu bar to the right. Users will be able to view all of their submitted and past requests. Future requests can be continuously revised until Classroom Services processes them. In addition, the status of each request will be visible, showing whether the event request has been submitted, processed, or completed. Our goal, with the addition of roomQ, is to simplify the process to make your job easier.


  • In order to use roomQ, you must create an account using your UW Net ID. If you are non-UW affiliated, you can register and create an unique username.
  • All room requests for course breakouts and non-course events must be submitted through roomQ; we do not accept email room requests. However, you do not have to use roomQ if you need a room within 48 hours. In these instances, please call our office at 206-543-6729 for immediate assistance.
  • Events submitted through roomQ are requests only. Your reservation is not confirmed until you are contacted on a separate occasion by Classroom Services.
  • Requests for non-special event spaces will follow the normal scheduling timeline and will be processed in the order received. Special event spaces fall on a separate scheduling timeline and can be booked a year in advance from the current date.

Step-By-Step Instructions for Using RoomQ

Please read through the updated RoomQ Basics Handout (pdf) for details.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you are reserving a room for a dissertation defense, or any event related to a course found on the Time Schedule, include the course prefix and number in the event title and select “Course Breakout” under “Event Type.”
  • If you are part of an RSO, make sure you are listed as a registered officer on the RSO directory. If the RSO directory doesn’t show correct information, ask your advisor to verify that you are an officer of your RSO via email.
  • You are able to cancel a roomQ request or reservation yourself through roomQ. In the Event Details page, simply click on the cancel link found next to the event dates. However, if you would like to change the date and time or revise a “completed” request you will need to contact the HSRR office to make the changes for you.
  • Utilize the Special Instructions text box on the request form to your advantage! You’re welcome to list any AV/furniture needs, room preferences, other times that may work, etc. We’ll do our best to meet all of your requests.

RoomQ Training Sessions

To schedule a one-on-one or small group roomQ training session, please send us an email with your availability. In these meetings, we extensively cover the following topics:

  • Creating and managing your roomQ account
  • Creating and editing your requests
  • Accessing your request and viewing the status
  • How to use the Availability Checker
  • …and much more!