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Health Sciences IT Services


To enhance research, education and clinical care, and provide leadership information management at the University of Washington.


Location: T-245
8am – 4:30pm M-F

What's New

Phishing Scams Continue to Pose Significant Security Threat

Three Things you need to know to help protect yourself

  1. Phishing (pronounced "fishing") is a kind of attempted identity theft
    1. False emails and fraudulent websites try to steal your personal data
    2. Examples include apparent links to sites you trust and generic-looking (i.e. not personalized) requests for information
  2. Phishing scams often employ scare tactics
    1. Legitimate email from banks, IT help desks, and other service providers rarely use scare tactics
  3. Beware of emails asking for confidential information, particularly information of a financial nature
    1. Legitimate organizations will never request this information via email – particularly if unsolicited!

When in doubt, simply forward as an attachment to !

The Benefits of NETID Migration

Or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the domain

We are currently in the process of migrating all HSASF computers from our HSAS domain (which is being decommissioned) to the campus-wide NETID domain. What does this mean to you? Is there any benefit to changing domains? Will you even see a difference?

Those are great questions and ones we've heard a few times during this project. The short answer is yes, there are differences and lots of benefits! Some of these benefits include:

  • Having your Desktop and Documents folder connected to the server. Because of this, anything you save there is immediately backed up to your NETID profile on the server.
  • You should be able to access your files from any computer on NETID, including other computers on campus!
  • Some programs are more stable on NETID, including campus programs like R25.

There are other benefits from moving away from HSAS as well, but we want to keep this short. We look forward to migrating you to NETID and having you experience all the new benefits for yourself.

Download and Reinstall New Software with Only a Couple of Clicks

Have you ever checked out Software Center for Windows? It's a program on your computer that gives you access to a multitude of programs. While most of the programs are installed on your computer automatically overnight, there are optional choices to check out, such as the Microsoft Office programs and Adobe Acrobat (if you have been cleared for access to it).

To access Software Center, open your program list, then scroll down until you see "Microsoft System Center". Click on it and then click on "Software Center" to open the program. You'll see various programs available for download including FTP programs, HSASF databases (for your unit), and more!

HSAS&F’s Productivity Software is Moving to the Cloud

Health Sciences IT Services is hard at work developing and implementing the next productivity solution for HSAS&F. WebTMA is the newest solution by the maker of our current productivity software, TMA. Once TMA moves to the Cloud, an application will no longer be installed on your computer. Instead, you will be provided a web address where you will be asked to enter your Netid username and password. Once logged in, the user interface will be tailored to your unit’s specific workflow. Moving to WebTMA will allow us to:

  • Ease the onboarding/offboarding process by tying in with the UW authentication infrastructure
  • Redesign our current workflows to align with best practices in our individual fields
  • Create dashboards that give your team insight into relevant Business Information
  • Do purchasing, time management, equipment and inventory tracking, and reconciliation in a single app
  • Access WebTMA from anywhere, even on mobile devices

HS-ITS will be working with unit heads and beta testers to ensure the user experience tailored for your group makes sense and is easy to use, and we will be providing digital training materials for your team at rollout. We will be implementing WebTMA in the coming months via a phased approach, beginning with Scientific Instruments. We look forward to a brighter future in the Cloud!

New Security Guidelines and Changes

There have recently been some concerns about security threats on campus in regards to client devices. Health Sciences IT Services has taken a proactive approach to this matter and will be implementing new changes to our security policies on your devices. Most users will not notice any changes or disturbances in productivity. In addition to our changes we have also provided some security recommendations below:

  • Lock your workstation when you leave. Close the lid, lock the computer screen, and if you have an office close your door. For Windows users you can press the  + L to lock your screen quickly.
  • Avoid storing sensitive data on your local device. You may use your department network drive or your cloud OneDrive storage.
  • Remove sensitive documents from shared areas like printers, fax machines and copiers.
  • Shred all physical documentation. If you wouldn’t want it posted in the newspaper tomorrow morning, shred it.
  • Encrypt all mobile devices including thumb drives and laptops. Also, make sure to keep them secure and put away.
  • Before downloading documents or files off of the internet, make sure it is a trusted site. This is usually only with the creator of the content.
  • When off campus only use secure WI-FI connections.
  • Make sure you are using strong passwords on every application that you use.

Please feel free to contact HSITS with assistance or questions at

Services Offered:

 Client Device Management & Support: 

  • Device patching and compliance 
  • Installation of UW-IT provided software 
  • Monitored system security scans 
  • CISO compliance audits 
  • Incident response and troubleshooting 

Server and Business System Management & Support: 

  • System patching and regular maintenance 
  • Monitored system security scans 
  • CISO compliance audits 
  • Business continuity planning and quarterly auditing 
  • Incident response and troubleshooting 

Web/App/Database Management & Support: 

  • Site/app patching and regular maintenance 
  • Small/simple edits to site content 
  • Monitored website security scans 
  • CISO compliance audits 
  • Business continuity planning and quarterly auditing 
  • Incident response and troubleshooting 

Datacenter Rackspace:

  • Cost sharing of HS’s full rack implementation 
  • Redundant power and networking services 
  • Physically protected by multi-factor security measures 

Consulting Services: 

  • Assistance in implementation of common UW-IT supported service offerings 
  • Designing, configuring, and on boarding new systems, servers, and client devices 
  • Designing/developing new UW hosted websites and adding features to existing sites