Health Sciences Laboratory Services:
Dishwashing and Cleaning Services

You can deliver materials between 8:00am & 5:00pm to T-276.

HS Laboratory Services washes all types of laboratory glassware bottles, tubes, pipettes and other equipment.

The turn-around time is typically 24-hours. Laboratory Services uses industrial dishwashers that use Deionized (DI) water and green cleaning agents. We are also able to do professional hand-washing of laboratory ware for special care instances. Materials can be brought in on carts, in tubs, or in buckets. Tubes may be brought to us already preloaded into baskets. Customers should write their lab name on the cart, tub, or bucket.

Sheet

For any of these services, you will need to fill out our Sign-In Sheet each time, providing the following information:


Zemeheret Seare 206-543-8869


$11.60 per load for test tubes; $9.90 for all other loads