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Hours: open 7:30am - 5:00pm, M-F

Location: T-276 HSB

Contact Us: (206) 543-8869 or

HS Laboratory Services Staff

Christine Aker


Answers general questions about all services; inspects T-wing teaching laboratories quarterly and contacts Custodial Services and Facilities Services for cleanings and repairs as needed; communicates departmental procedures and policies, in addition to EH&S safety rules and regulations, to customers and staff; resolves billing problems and questions about charges; provides technical and teaching laboratory consultation. | 206-221-9399 | T-272

Zemeheret Seare

Scientific Instructional Technician

Answers general questions about sterilization services and creation of microbiology media; leads laboratory staff in the preparation of plated and tubed media, broths, buffers and stains; assists lecturers in the development of safe laboratory procedures and practices; makes recommendations for improvements to lecturers relating to their specific educational and research projects. | 206-543-8869 | T-286

Amanda Gary

Laboratory Technician

Answers general questions about sterilization services, media preparation, and instructional support; prepares plated and tubed media, broths, buffers and stains; coordinates with instructors for teaching and laboratory needs.| 206-543-8869 | T-286

Timketu Nafie

Lab Helper

Answers general questions about our biohazardous materials sterilization services and dishwashing and cleaning services; assists new clients with filling out customer data forms for billing purposes; restocks first aid kits in T-wing teaching labs. | 206-543-8869 T-276