Health Sciences Laboratory Services:
Media Preparation Services

Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm.

HS Laboratory Services prepares media solutions for research and lab classrooms.

Laboratory Services prepares common types of buffers and stains, plated and tubed Agar media, and other bulk media for use in research laboratories and for teaching purposes. We also offer the ability to adjust formulas to meet research needs.

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Zemeheret Seare 206-543-8869


Costs vary dependent on media type and ingredients needed. Please see our price list. There is a minimum order of 20 plates or tubes or 10 bottles of at least 25mL flasks.


Bottled Media Each
broth media up to 100 ml/bottle 1.90
broth media up to 300 ml/bottle 3.75
broth media up to 500 ml/bottle 4.95
broth media up to 1000 ml/bottle 7.50
media + agar up to 500 ml/bottle 7.50
media + agar up to 1000 ml/bottle 10.20
General Reagents and Stains Each
reagents up to 500 ml/bottle 5.85
reagents up to 1000ml/bottle 8.40
Plated Media Each
L agar plates .75
L plates with Carbenicillin .90