Bone Marrow Equipment Catalog and Pricing

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Note: Prices below are subject to change without notice.

Bone Marrow Kit

When starting a bone marrow transplant unit you may find it convenient to purchase a bone marrow transplant equipment kit.

The kit contains the following items:

Part No. Description Quantity
BT1 Ball Top Needle, 10cm 6
FS Filter System 2
FOR Filter System O-Ring 4
BF5 Screen Kit, Fine 4
BF6 Screen Kit, Coarse 4
BK1 Beaker, 1200ml 2
BK6 Beaker, 600ml 2
DS1 Dipstick, 1200ml 1
DS6 Dipstick, 600ml 1
BN Blunt Transfer Needle 1
BKH Beaker Holder Kit 1
BKA Beaker Holder Adapter 1
AS2 Aspiration Syringe, 20cc 8
CB Cleaning Brush 1
  Cleaning & Sterilization Instructions for All Products Download
BMK Transplant Kit $5,941.00



Ball Top Needle: (Recommended Needle)

Ball Top Needle
Part No. BT6 Ball Top Needle, 6cm


Part No. BT8 Ball Top Needle, 8cm


Part No. BT1 Ball Top Needle, 10cm $450.00
Part No. BTC Ball Top Needle Custom
(Indicate length and gauge)
  Cleaning & Sterilization Instructions for Ball Top Needles Download

#Custom needle prices are estimates. Actual costs will be billed.

Thomas Needle: *

Thomas Needle
Part No. TN6 Thomas Needle, 6cm $550.00
Part No. TN8 Thomas Needle, 8cm $550.00
Part No. TN1 Thomas Needle, 10cm $550.00
Part No. TNC Thomas Needle, Custom (Indicate length) $590.00#
  Cleaning & Sterilization Instructions for Thomas Needles Download

#Custom needle prices are estimates. Actual costs will be billed.

* Please Note: This is the original design for needles used in harvesting. It is much more difficult to clean than subsequent designs because of the hollow handle.

Blunt Needle:
Used for transferring marrow from beaker to filter system or IV bag.

Blunt Needle
Part No. BN Blunt Transfer Needle $56.00
Part No. CB Cleaning Brush $5.00
  Cleaning & Sterilization Instructions for Blunt Transfer Needles Download

Needle Sharpen and Repair:

Part No. NS Needle Sharpen and Repair Average Price: $110.00*

* Actual cost will be charged. Lots of 10+ needles are more cost effective.

Filter System

Filtering Apparatus

The Filtering System (Part No. FS) is furnished with 1 O-ring, 1 fine screen kit, and 1 coarse screen kit..
Most users order extra screen kits and o-rings.

Part No. FS Filter System $865.00
Part No. FKF Screen Kit, Fine (contains 1 screen and 2 gaskets) $20.00
Part No. FKC Screen Kit, Coarse (contains 1 screen and 2 gaskets) $20.00
Part No. FOR Filter System O-Rings $10.00
  Cleaning & Sterilization Instructions for Filtering Systems Download
  Cleaning & Sterilization Instructions for Filtering System Accessories Download


Aspiration Syringe

(Not Pictured)

Part No. AS2 Aspiration Syringe, 20cc $35.00
Part No. AS5 Aspiration Syringe, 50cc $45.00
  Cleaning & Sterilization Instructions for Aspiration Syringes Download


Beaker Holder And Beakers

Beaker Holder and Beakers

Beakers are used for holding collected marrow, washing solutions and anticoagulants. Polycarbonate holder with metal legs supports multiple beakers during procedure: Holder accomodates two 1200 ml, one 600 ml, and one 250 ml beakers. If more than one 600 ml beaker is to be supported during procedure, adapter rings are available to adapt 1200 ml opening to accommodate 600 ml beaker. All parts can be autoclaved.

Part No. BKH Beaker Holder Kit $480.00
Part No. BKA Beaker Holder Adapter (not shown) $160.00
Part No. BKL Beaker Holder Legs $320.00
Part No. BK1 Beaker, 1200ml $85.00
Part No. BK6 Beaker, 600ml $60.00
Part No. BK2 Beaker, 250ml $57.00
  Cleaning & Sterilization Instructions for Beaker Holders Download
  Cleaning & Sterilization Instructions for Beakers Download




Dipsticks are used for stirring marrow. When used with a beaker of corresponding size, the dipstick gives a rough measure of the volume of marrow collected.

Part No. DS1 Dipstick, 1200ml $22.00
Part No. DS6 Dipstick, 600ml $18.00
  Cleaning & Sterilization Instructions for Dipsticks Download


Note: Prices above are subject to change without notice.

For International Orders:

Add $50 US Handling Fee.

Payment must be made in the form of wire transfer (takes up to 10 days to clear), VISA, or Mastercard. The invoice, in US funds, must be paid prior to shipping.

We ship international orders via UPS Worldwide Express, freight prepaid with the consignee paying Duty and VAT.

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