Note: Unless otherwise noted, the e-mail address is The telephone area code is 206.

Director's Office Phone: 543-6114 Fax: 616-5966  
Nancy Salts Director njs33@ 543-6114
Irene Moy Assistant to the Director immoy@ 685-9430
Lacey Colleran Interim Assistant Director laceyc2@ 685-6442
Building Management Phone: 685-0143 Fax: 616-3116  
Nikki Peters Manager nk@ 897-1696
Marques Johnson Security Officer marquesj@ 419-1789
Paul Luong Security Officer pkl@ 419-1789
Business & Financial Services Phone: 543-9480 Fax: 543-8051  
Stan Wiegman Administrator swiegman@ 616-9960
Kate Waldmann-Murphy Fiscal Specialist waldmann@ 616-3258
Classroom Services Phone: 543-6729 Fax: 543-0531  
Ana Marie Alameda Interim Manager silvaa@ 685-7170
Calvin Beveridge Program Coordinator cmbeveri@ 685-0806
Hilary Underwood Program Coordinator hilaru@ 685-0367
Clinical Skills & Assessment Phone: 685-4007 Fax: 616-5966  
Jennie Struijk Manager janim@ 685-4007
Creative Services Phone: 616-6828 Fax: 543-9561  
Lacey Colleran Interim Assistant Director laceyc2@ 685-6442
Barb Macfadden Web Designer barbmac@ 616-6854
Pat McGiffert Photographer pmcgffrt@ 685-0165
Kate Sweeney Medical Illustrator kateswe@ 616-6826
Health Sciences Room Reservations (HSRR) Phone: 543-0530 Fax:  
Lacey Colleran Interim Assistant Director laceyc2@ 685-6442
Ana Marie Alameda Program Coordinator silvaa@ 543-0530
Kendra VanDusen Program Support Supervisor kendra13@ 685-7110
Laboratory Services Phone: 543-8869 Fax: 616-5966  
Christine Aker Manager caker@ 221-9399
Amanda Gary Lab Technician ajgary@ 543-8869
Timketu Nafie Lab Helper tnafie@ 543-8869
Zemeheret Seare Scientific Instructional Technician zem@ 543-8869
Scientific Instruments
  Biomedical Electronics Phone: 543-5580 Fax: 543-8039  
  Herb Kramer Manager herbk@ 685-0306
  Eric Faber Biomedical Electronics Technician efaber@ 685-0530
  Paul Fischbach Biomedical Electronics Technician Lead pfisch@ 685-0529
  Larry Furlong Optical Technician lfurlong@ 616-5176
  Mathew Kenall Optical Technician kenall@ 543-4542
  Rosco Kleekamp Biomedical Electronics Technician roscamp@ 685-0138
  Bill Larson Program Coordinator blarsen@ 543-5580
  Daryl Loan Biomedical Electronics Technician loand2@ 616-4378
  Dennis McCabe Biomedical Electronics Technician uhfred@ 685-0641
  Ben Roberts Biomedical Electronics Technician bkrobert@ 685-0362
  Gregg Rose Biomedical Electronics Technician greggar@ 685-0474
  Linda Shaffer Biomedical Electronics Technician lindas22@ 616-5175
  Joe Stoffer Biomedical Electronics Technician stofferj@ 685-0250
  Paul Webber Biomedical Electronics Technician pwebber@ 685-0473
  Computing Support Group Phone: 616-6984 Fax: 543-8051  
  Herb Kramer Manager herbk@ 685-0306
  Seth Bishop Lead, Sr. Computer Specialist bishop@ 616-6852
  Ulrich Hertenstein Sr. Computer Specialist ulrichh@ 685-7725
  Derek Sellers Sr. Computer Specialist selled@ 616-4624
  Machine Shop Phone: 616-8905 Fax: 616-3377  
  Herb Kramer Manager herbk@ 685-0306
  Ed Farnham Program Coordinator efarnham@ 616-5074
  Tom Hampton Instrument Maker thampton@ 685-0251
  Eric Strakbein Instrument Maker Lead erics@ 685-0360
UW Posters Phone: 643-9275 Fax: 543-9561  
Lacey Colleran Interim Assistant Director laceyc2@ 685-6442
Kari Berger Program Coordinator kberger@ 543-9275
Patti Doll Large Format Printing Specialist pdoll@ 685-0283
Jordan Rehm Large Format Printing Specialist jrehm@ 685-0283
Myra Sherwood Program Coordinator myra@ 616-4373
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