Center for Shared Services

March 30, 2018

CSS Pulse

Artonique demonstrating our CSS site for Skype participants, March 20, 2018

Thank you for joining us at our first meet-up on March 20th! We had plenty of questions about purchasing, our new travel process, the web site (and how to access forms). Make sure to connect with us at csshelp if you get stuck, or check here on our site. We are happy to help.

Process updates


Need help with ordering or entering information in PurchasePath?  Check out our step-by-step guide for placing an order. We are also available to train staff on ordering items through PurchasePath. Contact us to arrange a session.

Quick Tip: In PurchasePath update the Line Item Notes field with the full name of the item, size or other identifying details so that we can locate your item quickly. Alternatively you could add the product link to the order.


The CSS now has a CTA account linked to Christopherson Travel.  Travelers using our CTA will need to have a profile established with Christopherson AirPortal so that they can easily pick and choose the best flights and hotels that suit their needs. Once a profile is established, contact the CSS and we’ll update your profile with our CTA information.

Please contact us if you need help setting up your Christopherson profile, support with airfare, hotel room and tax and would like to use our CTA. We’ll walk you through the process.

Expect more updates to the travel process soon. Some changes on the radar:

  • Revising the travel form to include selections for days/nights when meals per diem were taken.
  • A clearer way to identify if travel was paid for by you or someone else.

Stay tuned!

Quick Tip: Do you need support booking a conference registration? you can use the CSS Procard for purchasing the registration. We will need the conference phone number and contact information prior to booking. Contact csshelp for more information.

Welcome to CSS New Hires!

  • Seth Bishop, Sr. Computer Specialist
  • Dale Murphy, Sr. Computer Specialist
  • DJ Alexander, Sr. Computer Specialist
  • Amanda Nguyen, Fiscal Specialist II

Kudos to you!

Sarah Demun – for providing timely information missing on recent orders. – Adam W

Marty Hansen – for helping me with Mike Mustari’s travel reimbursement – Pat J 

Jinhee Thom and Mish McEntire for helping me reconcile US Food’s orders, invoices and packing slips – Ken D

Ben Roberts – for being  patient and understanding through our transition  – Tiffany Q

Grace Lee – for asking the right questions, being patient and thorough with issues – Rosque E

Tiffany Quatmann – for being patient with a billing issue – Kate WM

Sarah Demun, Kayla Clay and Kristi Young – for providing expert input into the travel process – Artonique N, Ylanda T

Vanessa Quiroz Hotz – for being available in the wee hours of the morning to troubleshoot an issue – Chad C