Center for Shared Services

Our Administrative team advances organizational productivity and performance, commits to continuous improvement and delivers exceptional customer service.

We provide general administrative and hiring support (entry and management of Workday/UWHires, interview scheduling and coordinating), coordination of onboarding and off-boarding of employees as well as pre-travel consultation and support.


Let the CSS help you with your new hires.  The CSS is available to assist you in all the stages of the hiring process. We understand the complexities of our systems and can support you so that you can focus on the critical work of getting your candidates hired and onboarded. The services are never mandatory; just the support that you need and when you need it.

Here is a sample list of areas we can help you with but do not hesitate to ask for help even if it is not on this list:

  • Creating a job requisition in UW Hires
  • Helping screen the resumes
  • Providing sample interview questions
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Participation on the interview team
  • Reference checks
  • Ordering background checks
  • Coordination of Onboarding of new hires and system set-up
  • Exiting Employees
  • Coordination of Astra System Access
  • Help with Student Employee, UW Temp and contingent staffing hires

To request assistance with any of your hiring support needs, fill out the New Hire form or contact us: csshelp


We are here to help you get your newly hired employee up to speed with UW policies, processes and expectations. Along with your Department/Unit onboarding process, we can coordinate scheduling of HSA’s onboarding process, desktop needs and access to central UW systems.

To request assistance with your onboarding support needs, fill out the CSS Onboard form or contact us: csshelp


When an employee leaves the University, the CSS can support you with turning off access to central systems as well as coordinate the exit interview process and connect the employee to central services (e.g., retirement, huskycard/UPass information).

To request assistance with your offboarding support needs, fill out the CSS Offboard form or contact us: csshelp