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Traveler Quick Guide

Know what to do before, during and after travel


All travel including travel paid by you must have a TAF signed and dated by the traveler, supervisor, finance authority and if traveling out-of-state, a HSA Finance authority. 


Arrange travel through our preferred partner travel agencies or on your own.  Keep in mind flight and lodging restrictions.

Airfare must be lowest logical cost.  Ancillary fees that may not be required or reasonable for business are unallowable.  An itemized itinerary and proof of payment is required.

If personal time is included, travelers must obtain comparison flight itineraries for reimbursement.

Flight Upgrades are unallowable without prior written approval from the Executive Director/Dean or Vice Provost or Vice President.

Lodging must be lowest logical cost. Ancillary fees that may not be required or reasonable are unallowable.  Lodging is subject to lodging per diem rates.* An itemized receipt to validate the lodging rate, taxes and fees incurred are required for reimbursement. 

*See Travel Policies & Procedures 

The CSS uses Christopherson Travel and Passport2Travel for making travel arrangements. To use Christopherson Travel, travelers must have a user profile established in their online system. Travelers can connect directly with Passport2Travel by contacting them below. Travelers must have a signed TAF prior to making travel arrangements through the agencies if using the CSS CTA account. 

The CSS can pay the registration fee on the CSS Procurement VISA card (ProCard).  Please provide any discount codes, membership information and other required details on the TAF for booking your registration. You must maintain the conference brochure/agenda, any confirmation and receipts to submit for reimbursement.

The CSS has a Central Travel Account (CTA) that is used to pay for airfare for CSS customers who travel on UW business. Travelers may request airfare be purchased through the CTA process, if no personal time is included. Travelers should indicate if payment of airfare is needed on the TAF. 

The CSS uses two preferred travel agencies for booking travel; Christopherson Travel and 58 Stars.  The CSS will connect travelers to the agency of preference once the signed TAF has been submitted.

Travelers requesting a per diem advance to cover the cost of UW business travel expenses while in travel status must have supervisory approval before the advance can be processed. The TAF requesting the per diem advance must cover the time period of travel status (not personal time) and submitted no later than 5 business days prior to departure. Travelers must submit receipts within 4 weeks of travel completion. 

Conference/meeting hotels can exceed the lodging per diem rate up to 150% if they are within 5 miles of the conference/meeting site. There is no cap on the per diem rate for non-UW travelers. 

If you are taking personal time you must submit a comparison airfare for the time on UW business without personal time.  Example:  If you attend a conference in Los Angeles, CA from Monday through Tuesday but intend to stay until Thursday, you should submit a comparison airfare for Sunday to Tuesday travel (this is the time you would be on UW business). The UW Travel Office will reimburse the lowest fare of the two itineraries (the second itinerary would be the actual airfare with personal time included).


Travel status starts 3 hours prior to flight/transportation departure and ends when the traveler returns home.  While in travel status, retain your itemized receipts for reimbursement. 


Ensure receipts are in date order * Fill in “Actuals” column on TAF * Submit to

See example: Travel reimbursement request

Contact the UW Travel Office for questions about traveling for UW business:

EU Residents – See our Privacy Statement on Travel