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15th Annual Joint Conference on Health

October 6 – 8, 2008 Yakima, Washington The Washington State Public Health Association will be hosting this year's Joint Conference on Health, entitled Health Equity: Global and Local Challenges.

Environmental Justice and Physical Activity Speaker, Dr. Wendell Taylor, University of Texas


Health Equity Speaker, Dr. Christopher Murray, University of Washington


Health Disparities in Health Speaker, Dr. David Williams, Harvard School of Public Health


Social Determinants of Health Speaker, Dr. Anthony Iton, Alameda County Health Department


Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion Speaker, Brick Lancaster, University of Washington


Public Health Nursing Speaker, Dr. Barbara Sattler, University of Maryland




This conference is being brought to you by the Washington Public Health Association in cooperation with the Washington State Department of Health

and in partnership with the Washington Coalition for Promotion of Physical Activity and the Washington State Environmental Health Association