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HSERV 590   (Executive MPH Program)
Child Health in Developing Countries
Catalog Description:
This course provides an overview of the health problems of children in developing countries. The course will provide an understanding of the causes and functional effects of the most prominent child health problems. We will examine trends and progress in global child health and explore potential explanations for these trends. We will learn about programmatic interventions, both prevention and treatment, currently being utilized to respond to global child health problems as well as some interventions being developed for future implementation. We will also examine health intervention delivery models, introduce methodology for measuring impact of programmatic interventions, and learn about some of the major groups involved in child health globally. This course is designed for students who may want to work in the health field in resource-poor settings or for students who simply desire a better understanding of the state of affairs for health for the majority of the world's children.

Last Offered:   AUT 2013

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