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Faculty Profiles

Wendy Baesler

"Everybody who works in public health must interact with accounting and finance, whether that be in preparing a budget, writing a grant, being audited by Medicaid, or a myriad other situations."   Read more . . .

photo: Carolyn Watts

Carolyn Watts

On the front lines of health policy, Cindy sees a shift in the way people are thinking about health. "We are rethinking this whole enterprise. We are reconsidering the emphasis on health care and focusing instead on health." To Cindy, health is less a function of doctor's visits and more a function of variables like education, the environment, and empowerment.   Read more . . .

photo: Chuck Treser

Chuck Treser

Following 10 years in environmental health practice, Charles D. (Chuck) Treser was recruited to join the faculty of the University of Washington (UW) Department of Environmental Health to lead a project to develop a system for assuring the continuing competencies of environmental health practitioners.   Read more . . .

photo: Marcia Williams

Marcia Williams

The scope of Marcia's work encompasses research and data analysis as an epidemiologist, as well as hands-on clinical work with babies as a pediatric physical therapist (PT).   Read more . . .

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