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April 16:
CSSS Seminar: Item Count Technique Estimators under Respondent Error

April 17:
Unveiling an Obscure Source of Reducing Potential in Mice: An Electon-hunt

April 17:
Distinguished Alumni Lecture: Dr. Robert Newman

April 21:
Effects of Local Policies on Community Walkability and Nutrition

April 22:
The Transformation of Health Care: Forces, Directions, Implications

April 24:
PHEnOM Seminar: Zachary Olson

April 24:
David Cay Johnston - Health Inequality in America

April 28:
DEOHS Chair Search Seminar: Patrick Breysse

April 30:
MPH Practicum Reception and Celebration of Community Partners

May 1:
Are Exposure Scientists Interested in Injury Prevention, or is it Just About the Dust?

May 1:
PHEnOM Seminar: Anirban Basu

May 5:
DEOHS Chair Search Seminar: Lisa Maier

May 8:
HPRC Seminar: Network Analysis of the Healthy Aging Research Network

May 8:
Washington State Logging Safety Initiative

May 8:
PHEnOM Seminar: Economic Return from the Women's Health Initiative Estrogen plus Progestin Clinical Trial

May 15:
PHEnOM Seminar: Steven Zeliadt

May 22:
PHEnOM Seminar: Justin Robertson

May 29:
PHEnOM Seminar: What is different about smoking in pregnancy: Psychology, physiology and economics

June 5:
PHEnOM Seminar: Norma Coe

June 10:
Health Services Graduation Event

June 12:
HPRC Seminar: Information from the Puget Sound Health Alliance's report on disparities in health care

July 10:
HPRC Seminar: Update on the work of the PRC Nutrition and Obesity Policy Research and Evaluation Network

August 14:
HPRC Seminar: WA DSHS Aging and Long-Term Services Administration

Share the news! Choose length of MPH

Executive MPH students now have a flexible time frame to complete the Master of Public Health degree.   Read more . . .

Jeffrey Clark, eMPH Alumni, Wins Top Job

Brigadier General Jeffrey Clark Leads Top US Military Medical Center   Read more . . .

photo: Fareeha Siddiqui Wins Seattle Magazine’s 2013 Top Doctors Award

Fareeha Siddiqui, eMPH Alumni, Wins Top Honor

Fareeha Siddiqui Wins Seattle Magazine’s 2013 Top Doctors Award   Read more . . .

photo: eMPH Alumni at the OR Public Health Annual (OPHA) Conference, OCT 2011

eMPH Alumni at the OR Public Health Annual (OPHA) Conference, OCT 2011

Sami Jarrah gave a presentation of his thesis project, a descriptive pilot study examining the relative importance of empirical evidence among Oregon legislators during their consideration of House Bill 2726, a 2009 menu labeling law.   Read more . . .

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