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Single Course Options and How to Take Courses


A number of elective courses offered through the Executive Master in Public Health Program (eMPH) are available to both UW students and public health professionals (must have a bachelor's degree or higher from the UW or other academic institution).

These courses are designed for adult learners and provide theories and practices that are immediately applicable. Public health professionals in the field and graduate level students interested in learning public health concepts and gaining specific skills would benefit from the courses and learning mode.

  • All eMPH elective courses are taught via distance, but some offer optional on-site time
  • Some elective courses have prerequisites that must be met before taking the course
  • These elective courses use a variety of technologies: some training is available online (follow url below)

If you are interested in taking one or several elective courses through eMPH, follow the deadlines and instructions about how to register