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National Public Health Week 2020 Story Round-Up

National Public Health Week 2020 Story Round-Up

Happy National Public Health Week 2020! Thanks for following along with our daily featured stories, showcasing work by alumni, students, and faculty in the University of Washington School of Public Health Department of Health Services:

Monday 4/6/20 – Mental Health Day


Amal Saleh Promotes Mental Health for Somali Refugees


Eva Torres Explores Social Connection among Latino Elders


Dr. An Pham Authors Study on Transgender Youth and News Media


Tuesday 4/7/20 – Maternal and Child Health Day


Erin Lee Thesis Project Explores Community-Based Doula Motives in WA


Ami Hanna Assesses Support for Doula Services for Incarcerated Mothers-to-Be


Teah Hoopes Fights for Paid Family and Medical Leave for New Parents


Health Equity Circle Students Lobby for Comprehensive Sexual Education

(Featuring Hannah Rapp, Cassie Pawloski, Carolyn Fan)


Wednesday 4/8/20 – Violence Prevention Day


Elizabeth Nutting Partners with Nonprofit to Promote Peace in Yemen


Julianna Alson & Omid Bagheri Fight Police Violence With Public Health Tactics


Thursday 4/9/20 – Environmental Health Day


Claire Mocha Evaluates ALA Program for Indoor Air Quality and Asthma


Alum Andrew Bryant Creates 'Climate & Mind' Website for Eco-Anxiety


Perla Bravo Promotes Legal Right to PPE for Farmworkers in Wildfires 


Friday 4/10/20 – Education Day


Rachel Hall Advocates for Early Childhood Education in Washington


Dr. Erin Hepner Studies New Diabetes Control Model for Migrant Latinos


Maddy Frey Conducts RWJF Evaluation of Network for Public Health Law


Nuha Elkugia Expands CHW Home Visit Training for Asthma Care in WA


Congratulations and great work to all!

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