Course Listings

(Listings change and become more complete as quarters near)

WIN 2013

HSERV 509 A:    Public Health and Informatics

HSERV 513 A:    Health Policy Research

HSERV 524 A:    Advanced Health Services Research Methods II

HSERV 526 A:    Qualitative Research Methods for Public Health

HSERV 536 A:    Emerging Infections of International Public Health Importance

HSERV 542 A:    Epidemiology of Maternal and Child Health Problems

HSERV 544 A:    Maternal and Child Health in Developing Countries

HSERV 548 A:    Social Determinants of Health Research Methods

HSERV 556 A:    Tobacco Related Health Disparities

HSERV 575 A:    Cancer Prevention and Control

HSERV 576 A:    Health, Culture and Community

HSERV 584 A:    Assessing Outcomes in Health and Medicine

HSERV 591 A:    COPHP PBL Core Curriculum - Year 1

HSERV 591 B:    COPHP PBL Core Curriculum - Year 1

HSERV 591 C:    COPHP PBL Core Curriculum - Year 2

HSERV 591 D:    COPHP PBL Core Curriculum - Year 2

HSERV 592 B:    Maternal and Child Health Research Seminar

HSERV 592 C:    Community Oriented Public Health Practice Seminar

HSERV 592 J:    Biobehavioral Cancer Fellowship Enrichment

HSERV 592 K:    Health Services Department Seminar

HSERV 592 L:    VA/NRSA Fellowship Seminar

HSERV 599 A:    Capstone Project

HSMGMT 514 A:    Health Economics