Course Listings

(Listings change and become more complete as quarters near)

SPR 2014

ENVH 511 A:    Environmental and Occupational Health   (eMPH)

GH 514 B:    Global Societal Determinants of Health   (eMPH)

HSERV 520 A:    Methods in Applied Community Research   (eMPH)

HSERV 559 A:    Public Policy and the Public's Health   (eMPH)

HSERV 590 A:    Health Behavior and Preventive Medicine, Part I   (eMPH)

HSERV 590 B:    Health Behavior and Preventive Medicine, Part II   (eMPH)

HSERV 590 C:    Environmental Health Regulation, Part I   (eMPH)

HSERV 590 D:    Environmental Health Regulations, Part II   (eMPH)

HSERV 590 F:    Adult Learning: Theory and Practice   (eMPH)

HSERV 590 G:    Epidemiology of Maternal and Child Health Problems   (eMPH)

HSERV 595 C:    Practicum/Field Work in Community Medicine   (eMPH)

HSERV 598 A:    Extended Degree Program Project Option   (eMPH)

HSERV 600 C:    Writing Skills   (eMPH)

HSERV 700 B:    Master's Thesis   (eMPH)

HSMGMT 560 A:    Management Practice in Health Care and Public Health Organizations   (eMPH)