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HSERV 590   (Executive MPH Program)
Transforming Behavior through Social Networking
Catalog Description:
Many public health programs provide information focused on accuracy rather than generating behavior change. This course explores new technological tools and strategies that can be used in community, corporate, and healthcare settings to drive behavior change at personal and population levels. The core questions are, how do people learn, how do people make decisions and act on them? How can we use technology to generate highly personalized mass communication? We overview interactive technologies that are emerging in personalization and behavior change. We outline theory and comprehensive approaches to planning, building and integrating tailored messaging, multiple modalities of communication (web, telephonic, tailored print, text messaging, etc), social networking, data mining, disease/health management interventions in community, corporate, and consumer settings. We will explore new concepts in tying these models of intervention to existing delivery and intervention systems.

Last Offered:   WIN 2012