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Faculty Research Interests

Public Health Informatics standards, epidemic models, and molecular epidemiology in the context of global health; scientific and social networks as they pertain to collaborative research; novel 3-D imaging displays; environmental interventions for infectious disease; high-throughput biology; evolutionary game theory.

Health equity; racial and ethnic health; urban and rural disparities; community-based participatory research; social and structural determinants of health; Latino and immigrant populations; chronic disease; cancer prevention and control

Social determinants and health disparities; obesity and cancer prevention; community-based participatory research (CBPR)

Health econometrics; cost-effectiveness; comparative effectiveness and value of information analyses; quality of life; spill-over effects; substantive focus on cancer, mental health and diabetes

Survival analysis and stochastic processes; epidemiological design and analysis; missing data and causal inference; nonlinear mixed models and predictions; semiparametric models

Nutrition and children; social determinants

Children's oral health inequalities; social and behavioral determinants of oral health; community-based behavioral interventions; Alaska Native oral health disparities; preventive care decision making in pediatric dentistry; Medicaid

Student outcomes; healthcare disparities; health care finance; management principles

Development and validation of patient-reported measures of symptoms, function, and quality of life; integration of patient-reported measures into clinical practice, decision making, and assessment of treatment outcomes

Environmental and social justice; housing and health; advocacy; policy; community-based research 

Quality of care particularly in the outpatient setting and in health measurement; clinical topics including heart disease, COPD, UTI, anticoagulation

Cost analysis; risk adjustment

Race; privilege; cultural humility; gender, sexuality and justice

Health systems research, implementation science, political economy of global health

Reproductive health across the lifespan; health behaviors and their mechanisms of change; risk factors and outcomes of diabetes; 

International health workforce issues, the effects of war on global health

Cancer prevention and control; chronic disease prevention; dissemination and implementation research; health promotion; workplace health promotion

Adult immunization; cancer screening; chronic disease; community-based prevention; health equity; health promotion; implementation science; older adults; physical activity; tobacco; workplace health; COVID-19

Healthcare informatics; population health; healthcare analytics; organizational behavioral management

Chronic disease with elderly and minority populations; disease management; social determinants of health disparities

Dissemination and implementation research; implementation science; organizational change; change management; de-implementation of ineffective and harmful practice

Social, environmental and economic causes and correlates of obesity risk; distal drivers of nutrition-related health inequities; community and individual economic resources as causal factors in obesity-related health status; obesity-related impacts of health and non-health related policies; disparities in nutrition-related diseases based on socioeconomic factors and race/ethnicity; public health nutrition; obesity epidemic; obesity epidemiology

Process and quality improvement; accessibility and affordability of health care services; ethics in healthcare

Cost-effectiveness and diagnostic value of medical technology in screening for cancer and other diseases

Cancer prevention and control; translational genomics; stakeholder engagement; health and health care disparities

Health communication interventions using new media; decision making in cancer screening; mediators and moderators of behavior change; cancer prevention and control; obesity prevention; health literacy and health disparity; aging and social support

Prevention effectiveness; outcomes research; comparative effectiveness; neurosurgery; orthopedics, biostatistics; quality of care; clinical trials

Health communication; health promotion; theory development

Financial gerontology and intergenerational transfers; Healthy aging; Dementia; Disability; Long-term services and supports; Family caregiving; Racial and ethnic health disparities among older adults; Cross-national comparative study of population aging; Health and welfare policies

Team Leadership

Racial and ethnic health disparities; social determinants of health; Latino and immigrant populations; American Indian populations; health promotion interventions; community-based participatory research; cancer prevention; mental health; substance use; coronavirus

Healthy aging; social network analysis; social determinants of health; dissemination and implementation science; chronic disease prevention and control

Technology-enabled interventions to reduce disparities in health status and health care delivery

Occupational injury surveillance; occupational health services; workers' compensation systems; policy and program evaluation; disparities in health and health care access

Health information; health information technology; study design and analysis

Tobacco-related behavior; racism as a stressor; social construction of 'race' vis-a-vis biological reductionism in health research and behavior; knowledge and opinions about organ donation among ethnic groups; program evaluation; popular culture

Health care financing; project management

Technology assessment; medical decision making; economic evaluation of pharmaceuticals, particularly in the areas of respiratory disorders, organ transplantation, HIV/AIDS, mental health and clinical decision making

Public health workforce information workflow; public health digital libraries; natural language processing to access to public health gray literature

Social determinants of mental health; substance use disorders; community-based research; inclusion of people with lived experience; design and evaluation of programs and policies; early poverty and childhood adversity

food insecurity; food systems; urban agriculture; nutrition policy; college student health; high-impact educational practices; public health impacts of climate change; urban planning for public health

Adoption, implementation, sustainment of innovations and evidence-based practices; management, operation, and sustainability of inter-organizational relationships; total quality management; patient safety

Qualitative research methods; community-based participatory research; researcher trustworthiness; bioethics; ethical-legal-social implications of genetics and implementation of new technologies; anti-racist pedagogy

Implementing evidence-based management of unhealthy alcohol use in medical settings; decision-making in health and health care (patient, provider, and system-level decision making); stigmatized chronic conditions (e.g., unhealthy alcohol use, HIV); social and cultural determinants of health and healthcare

Health economics; applied microeconometrics; impact of policy interventions on veterans' healthcare; comparative effectiveness research; cost-effectiveness analysis

Decision-making and quality of life in prostate cancer treatment; cancer screening; costs of health care interventions; evaluation of informed decision making strategies; comparative effectiveness using large databases; quality of life assessment among cancer survivors; decision modeling; assessment of health care costs