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School of Public Health
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Faculty Research Interests

Health Policy Affinity Group Faculty

The relationships between the changing environment of health care, the strategic and structural responses of health care organizations, their management, and their performance; management practice in health care organizations; physicians in management and leadership roles; the medical home model of primary care; rural health care

Cost analysis; risk adjustment

Child and adolescent sleep problems; interactions between media use, physical activity, and sleep, and the impact on health and behavior; development and testing of health behavior change interventions; pediatric inpatient quality of care and quality improvement research

Design and performance of health care systems; prevention; technology diffusion; program evaluation; survey research

International health workforce issues, the effects of war on global health

Adult immunization; cancer screening; chronic disease; community-based prevention; health equity; health promotion; implementation science; older adults; physical activity; tobacco; workplace health

Health policy; health sector leadership; social/political determinants; health system market change; health care costs and access, health sector education and training

Healthy aging; social networks; social determinants of health

Health law; payment and delivery system reforms; global health; medical ethics

Tobacco-related behavior; racism as a stressor; social construction of 'race' vis-a-vis biological reductionism in health research and behavior; knowledge and opinions about organ donation among ethnic groups; program evaluation; popular culture